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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Reset the root password of an ESXi server using Host Profiles

 Here is an overview of the steps to reset the root password:
  • Select the ESXI server.
  • Put the host in Maintenance mode
  • Open the vSphere Client
  • In Host Profiles, Create a Profile from existing host and select the host, enter the Name
  • Nagivate to the security configuration, Administrator Password and select “Configure a fixed administrator password”
  • Enter the new root password twice

  • Attach the host profile to the host
  • Right-click the host and select Apply Profile
  •  Wait till the Host Profile Compliance status is Compliant. The root password is now changed!
  • Test if it is possible to SSH to the ESXi host
  • Delete the Host Profile
  • Exit maintenance mode
 Enterprise Plus is need to use Hostprofile else requested to use  a 60 day trail license of VMware vSphere.

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