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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to change the root password for all esxi hosts in a vcenter using script

The following script will change the root password for all esxi hosts in a vcenter. We should run the script using PowerCLI.

Before We  run the script you should create a scripts folder on the root of our C:\ drive and copy the script to there. We  need to have the current root password, the new root password and the name of the vCenter.

The script uses the Set-VMHostAccount cmdlet to change the root account password.

#Change Root Password Script for all hosts in a particular cluster

Copy the below code in a text file  and rename with passwd.ps1

#Prompt user for vCenter server and connect.
$vcenter = Read-Host "Enter vCenter Server: "
$vCenterUser = Read-Host "Enter your vCenter Username: "
$vCenterPw = Read-Host "Enter your vCenter Password: "

Connect-VIServer -Server $vcenter -User $vCenterUser -Password $vCenterPw

Write-Host "Connected to vCenter Server: $vcenter"

#Prompt user for datacenter and cluster
$datacenter = Read-Host "Enter Datacenter: "
$cluster = Read-Host "Enter Cluster: "
#Gather hosts from vCenter for chosen cluster

Write-Host "Getting hosts from datacenter..."

$MyVMHosts = Get-Datacenter $datacenter | Get-Cluster $cluster | Get-VMHost
# If we want to chnage for all ESXi hosts
# $MyVMHosts =Get-VMHost

#Disconnect from vCenter
Disconnect-VIServer -Confirm:$false
Write-Host "Got the hosts.  Next..."

#Prompt user for old root password and new password

$oldpassword = Read-Host "Enter onfiguration backup utility to download a backup of this to your management server. old root password: "
$newpassword = Read-Host "Enter new root password: "
$newpassword2 = Read-Host "Enter new root password again: "

#Connect to hosts and change root password, then disconnect.

if ($newpassword -eq $newpassword2){
    foreach ($line in $MyVMHosts) {
        Connect-VIServer -Server "$line" -User "root" -Password "$oldpassword" -WarningAction SilentlyContinue
        Set-VMHostAccount -UserAccount "root" -Password "$newpassword"
        Disconnect-VIServer -Confirm:$false
        Write-Host "$line...done."
 Write-Host "New passwords do not match!"

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