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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Collecting diagnostic information of all ESXi By using PowerCLi Script

VMware Technical Support routinely requests diagnostic information from you when a support request is handled. This diagnostic information contains product specific logs, configuration files, and data appropriate to the situation. The information is gathered using a specific script or tool for each product and can include a host support bundle from the ESXi host and vCenter Server support bundle. Data collected in a host support bundle may be considered sensitive.

This article provides the procedures for obtaining this diagnostic information of all ESX/ESXi hosts using VMware vSphere PowerCLI.

 #Variable declaration
$vCenterUsername="domain\user" #Any User name who has access to Vcenter.
$destination ="C:\Users\user\Desktop\naga\" #Location where to download support bundles
Write-Host "Connecting to vCenter" -foregroundcolor "magenta"
Connect-VIServer -Server $vCenterIPorFQDN -User $vCenterUsername -Password $vCenterPassword
$hosts = Get-VMHost #Retrieve all hosts from vCenter
Write-Host "Downloading vCenter support bundle" -foregroundcolor "magenta"
Get-Log -Bundle -DestinationPath $destination
foreach ($esxihost in $hosts){
Write-Host "Downloading support bundle for ESXi host $($esxihost.Name)" -foregroundcolor "magenta"
Get-Log -VMHost (Get-VMHost -Name $esxihost.Name) -Bundle -DestinationPath $destination

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