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Thursday, November 2, 2017

How to create New Volume Group in RHEL Cluster?

Follow the below steps to create Volume Group in RHEL Cluster

1. Add the disk to the server.

2. Pvcreate the new partitions

3. Create the VG’s

vgcreate -c n -s 32M HAVG_<vg_name> /dev/mapper/mpath#p#

-s : Sets the physical extent size on physical volumes of this volume group
-c : If clustered locking is enabled, this defaults to y indicating that this Volume Group is shared with other nodes in the cluster

Creating a new Logical volume to a HA Volume group

To create a LV to a newly created volume group you have to add the hostname tag to the VG. This will permit one server in the cluster to have access to the volume group at a given time.

1. vgchange --addtag <hostname> HAVG_<vg_name>
2. lvcreate –L ##M –n lv-<lvname> HAVG_<vg_name>
3. mke2fs –j /dev/HAVG_<vg_name>/lv-<lvname>

Create mountpoints on all nodes in the cluster. Do not add to /etc/fstab

1. mkdir <mount_point>
2. mount /dev/HAVG_<vg_name>/lv-<lvname> <mount_point>
3. Change permissions on mountpoint.

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