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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to resolve : vMotion fails with network errors

Network misconfiguration can cause random vMotion failure. Retrying the vMotion operation may be successful, then to isolate and correct the problem please check as suggested by VMware.

To resolve this issue:
  • Check for IP address conflicts on the vMotion network. Each host in the cluster should have a vMotion vmknic, assigned a unique IP address.
  • Check for packet loss over the vMotion network. Try having the source host ping (vmkping) the destination host's vMotion vmknic IP address for the duration of the vMotion.
  • Check for connectivity between the two hosts (use the same ping test as above).
  • Check for potential interaction with firewall hardware or software that prevents connectivity between the source and the destination TCP port 8000.
For the Connection refused error, after confirming a lack of IP address conflicts, check to see that the vmotionServer process is running. If it is running, it exists as a kernel process visible in the output of the ps or esxtop command.

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