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Sunday, January 7, 2018

How to modify the Default Physical extent size of Physical Volume?

There are 2 situation for modifying or Setting the Default Physical extent size in LVM.

1. Create a volume group with new Physical extent size. This method will be used before creating logical volume on that Volume Group.

#vgcreate -s PE_SIZE 

-s  --physicalextentsize Size[m|UNIT] - Sets the physical extent size of PVs in the VG.  The value must be either a power of 2 of at least 1 sector (where the sector size is the largest sector size of the PVs currently used in the VG), or at least 128KiB.  Once this value has been set, it is difficult to change without recreating the VG,unless no extents need moving.

2. Modify the Existing value of Physical extent size.

- remove all Logical Volumes of the Volume Group with lvremove
- do a vgreduce on that VG.
- "vgchage -an" on that VG
- vgremove that VG
- setup the VG with large PE size (vgcreate -s PE_SIZE)

A more "Forceful" approach is:
- "vgchange -a n" on the VG
- "pvcreate -ff" on all its PVs
- setup the VG with large PE size (vgcreate -s PE_SIZE)

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