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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Configuring logrotate for yum in RHEL7

Configuring logrotate for yum in RHEL7

Every time you use yum to install and/or update packages, it logs to /var/log/yum.log. 

I do recommend keeping your complete yum history as it doesn't grow a lot, unless you reinstall packages a lot.

For a rich interface to your yum history, I suggest you use yum history.

By default, your yum log file is rotated yearly, and even then, it only rotates if the size of your log file exceeds 30 KB, and your logs are only kept for 4 years. 

virtual servers have the potential to stay "alive" beyond these 3-4 years.

How to do it…
Modify /etc/logrotate.d/yum to the following:

/var/log/yum.log {
    size 30k
    rotate 100
    create 0600 root root

How it works…
This configuration will only rotate the yum log when it exceeds 30 KB in size on a yearly basis, and it will keep 100 rotated logs, which is basically log files for 100 years!

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