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Friday, February 26, 2016

Understand Processes in Linux

Understand Processes in Linux

Normal Process

Normal processes are those which have life span of a session. They are started during the session as foreground processes and end up in certain time span or when the session gets logged out. These processes have their owner as any of the valid user of the system, including root.

Orphan Process

Orphan processes are those which initially had a parent which created the process but after some time, the parent process unintentionally died or crashed, making init to be the parent of that process. Such processes have init as their immediate parent which waits on these processes until they die or end up.

Daemon Process

These are some intentionally orphaned processes, such processes which are intentionally left running on the system are termed as daemon or intentionally orphaned processes. They are usually long-running processes which are once initiated and then detached from any controlling terminal so that they can run in background till they do not get completed, or end up throwing an error. Parent of such processes intentionally dies making child execute in background.

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