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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Explain about the LVM DUMPCONFIG command in Linux Server?

The lvm dumpconfig Command

You can display the current LVM configuration, or save the configuration to a file, with the dumpconfig option of the lvm command. There are a variety of features that the lvm dumpconfig command provides, including the following;

1. You can dump the current lvm configuration merged with any tag configuration files.
2. You can dump all current configuration settings for which the values differ from the defaults.
3. You can dump all new configuration settings introduced in the current LVM version, in a specific LVM version.
4. You can dump all profilable configuration settings, either in their entirety or separately   for command and metadata profiles

5. You can dump only the configuration settings for a specific version of LVM.
6. You can validate the current configuration.

For a full list of supported features and information on specifying the lvm dumconfig options, see the lvm-dumpconfig man page.

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